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Tested Arginine Nitrate, 120caps

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A long-lasting muscle pump is something that every bodybuilder wishes to achieve. It's the best feeling in the world – walking out of the gym with throbbing muscles.

Tested Arginine Nitrate by Tested Nutrition creates a suitable environment for unforgettable muscle pumps.

Each capsule of Tested Arginine Nitrate contains 1000mg of pure Arginine Nitrate and nothing else – no useless fillers and pointless additives!

Arginine Nitrate is actually a fusion of L-arginine and nitric acid, two well-known and powerful vasodilators. Arginine Nitrate boosts your nitric oxide levels, promoting better vasodilation and improved blood flow. With a stronger flow of blood circulating through your body, your muscles get a greater supply of the amino acids, nutrients and oxygen that it needs for maximum workout output. This also helps flush toxic byproducts out of muscles, speeding up recovery during exercise and delaying feelings of muscle fatigue.

Tested Arginine Nitrate keeps your bodybuilding motivation alive every time you look in the mirror and see your bulging muscles that have thick, pulsating veins around them!

For extreme muscle pumps that last the whole day, Arginine Nitrate from Tested Nutrition is the key!


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Tested Arginine Nitrate, 120caps

Tested Arginine Nitrate, 120caps