The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.

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Change is hard. I can’t make it easy, but i can make it achievable. 

You pay a trainer to develop a solution to your goals. That solution will come in many forms;

  • Exercise prescriptions
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Goal setting
  • Accountability etc…

The important thing is that with a trainer you will get real results in a timely manner.

The reality is that most gym users don’t see results because they are do not understand how to stimulate the body and manipulate the variables to create an outcome. As an example, if you ask the average gym user any of the following questions, most would not be able to answer them;

  • What energy system and substrate utilisation are you prioritising through your cardio efforts?
  • How is your program taking advantage of the overcompensation cycle?
  • Are you in a caloric surplus or deficit at the moment?

On the other hand, a good trainer would be able to answer the above questions on behalf of their clients. So is a trainer worth the investment? The real question should be how much would you be willing to pay to achieve your goals? And would you be willing to pay a premium to achieve that goal much quicker?

*If you think about the insanely higher percentage of gym members who pay a membership and achieve nothing. Now consider the smaller percentage that has a membership, works with a trainer and achieves results quickly. This small percentage is also empowered to maintain those results through education and therefore commit to a healthy lifestyle longterm… who has invested their money wisely?

Body Recomposition

Body recomposition, or simply, 'recomp' is the process of reducing body fat and adding muscle mass. Anytime someone has changed from being fat to lean while maintaining or gaining muscle, is an example of 'body recomposition', albeit a simplistic one.


Weight Loss

Losing weight and keeping it off means lifestyle change. We are here to help you achieve your goal healthily and permanently.

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Body Toning

The firming-up or toning is due to an increase in muscle tissue as well as a low enough bodyfat percentage to see the definition and shape of the muscles and get rid of the ``jiggle``.

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Functional Fitness

Functional fitness is a classification of training that prepares the body for real-life movements and activities. It is based on movements such as squatting, reaching, pulling, and lifting

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Martial Arts

Get fighting fit. Boxing, grappling & MMA training to get you fit and keep you safe.

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Strength & Conditioning

We can plan, deliver and review the physical and physiological preparation for optimal sports performance outcomes.

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